Tuesday, August 28, 2012

4K Butterflies....Symmetry in Motion

The 4K classes had an awesome time exploring the primary colors AND symmetry when we made beautiful butterflies. First, we painted the butterflies' bodies. Next, we dripped drops of red, yellow, and blue paint on one wing. We folded the insects in half and had fun squishing and rubbing the blobs. The children squealed with delight as we opened the folded butterflies!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Welcome Back!

Summer vacation is always fun, but it's great to be back in school. Art and Computer classes have begun this week, and we're off to a fabulous start! We've reviewed classroom and lab rules, discussed plans for some exciting projects in the months ahead, and gotten to know some new classmates. In addition, K4 - 1st grade students are learning about the components of a computer. Second graders through sixth graders are taking the STAR reading and STAR math beginning of the year assessments.

One of my goals this year for our Art program is to help the children become more aware (and more appreciative) of the wealth of art around them. To this end we have embarked on a year-long "I Spy Art" scavenger hunt! Periodically, I will update our bulletin board with photos of art pieces located somewhere in the Cleveland area. It is the children's job to keep on the lookout for them! Hopefully, they will point them out to YOU, too! What's on the bulletin board right now? Ask your children!!!!!