Thursday, September 20, 2012

Computer Fun!

Computer lab is in full swing for K5 through Sixth grades, while the K4 classes will join the fun next week when the new grading period begins! First through Sixth graders have begun racking up those AR points, along with completing various Word projects. Fifth graders have researched their reports on Native American tribes as well. While First and Second graders are learning about highlighting, changing fonts, and font sizes the upper grades have been honing their typing skills in Mavis Beacon. K5 has been exploring how to manipulate the mouse in Kidpix. Check out one budding K5 Graphic Artist below!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Spy....

Art is all around us....only sometimes we just don't notice it! This year in art class the children are playing a game of  "I Spy Art" and it is my hope that it will entice the children to discover and appreciate the wealth of art in and around Cleveland. Periodically, I'll be posting new photos of paintings, sculptures, buildings, pottery, etc.on my bulletin board. The first children to correctly identify where each is located or something else about it wins a small prize. Below are the first postings. The kids did GREAT!  What about YOU?

Where is this relief?

There's LOTS of artwork here!

Who made these?

Where is this mural?